The Fall – Bingo-Master’s Break Out! (1978)

Format: Single
When released: 11 August 1978
My age at the time: 7
Have I heard it before: Partially
What music did I like: whatever was on the radio

So here it is, the debut. The one that started it all, the spark that lit the fire. Could anyone have predicted at the time that this release would pave the way for countless singles, albums, EP’s, opinions, debates, arguments and changed lives. Could any of the myriad of future band members have listened to this single and thought ‘I’m going to be in that band one day’. How many futures were shaped by this one release? And could you predict they would still be celebrated today.

Well yes, because this is tremendous. I was already familiar with Repetition, having heard it before, but the other two songs instantly grabbed me. I don’t think it would have done much for me back in 1978, in my velour jumper and cords, but the energy of these three songs is palpable. Lead track Pyscho Mafia starts perfectly, with a tumble of drums of guitars, and whilst Bingo-Master’s Break out! is not as immediate I love how it tip-toes at the start before launching into its discordant beat.

Its interesting to read that this is the only recorded release by the original line-up, the tapes sitting dormant for a year until support was available to bring it out. By then, two members had already left, the poker hand line up beginning as members leave, or are dropped, and are recruited. Repetition is the only one written by all five of the original band and it is fantastic, doing everything the title promises.

I love repetitive music. I’m not a musician, but I have a feeling it is every bit as difficult to play and get right as the most complicated guitar solo. And they nail it here, the repeated rift interesting enough to captivate throughout.

So here we go, off and running.


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