The Fall – Rowche Rumble (1979)

Format: Single
When released: 30th July 1979
My age at the time: 9
Have I heard it before: Yes
What music did I like: whatever was on the radio

Ok. so here is a track I have heard before, both the original which I’ve heard on the radio and the Sonic Youth cover version which I’ve stumbled across on Youtube. Of course, most ‘normal’ bands would have released a single from the their album, but The Fall decided to release something new, some four months after their debut. I can imagine it is Smith moving on from the original line up into the newest incarnation.

And its great. I love Rowche Rumble, and love the way it repeats and circles around itself. The drums are more simplistic here, more primal, and the organ refrain so stutters in such a charming way. Plus the title is terrific. To me, this song is heads above anything on their debut, and had I been the right age I would have loved it at the time. I can see why Sonic Youth chose to cover it, as the energy of the music suits them perfectly.

Flip side In My Area is more of a step back to the debut, rather than a look forward, but is fine. Just not a patch on the lead song. So a great interval track between two albums, and had I been around at the time, I think I would have been into it.


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