2020 – bdrmm – Bedroom

(The year 2020 marks my 50th birthday. Leading up to the day (22nd November), I’m planning on writing a blog entry for each year, picking a song or an album from then that I love, talking a bit about why, and giving it some context in my life)

And so we come to a close, 50 blog entries, 50 songs or albums, all of which have had an impact on me during the half century of spins round the sun I have already undertaken. I’ve really enjoyed putting these together, looking back at the tracks that formed me and made me the music fan I am to this day.

Some years have been more challenging than others. I really struggled with the early 90’s as there was just so much music I adored. 1990 and 1991 were incredibly challenging. Bellybutton by Jellyfish, Foxbase Alpha by St. Etienne, The Wonderstuff, Senseless Things – bands I utterly adored but were not able to feature. I can’t believe Pet Shop Boys never got a look in. And then there were other years where the answer was clear, sometimes due to the paucity of new music that caught my eye.

This year is a little like that. I have bought more re-issues than new records. I loved American Head by The Flaming Lips, and Matt Berninger’s solo album, so there have been some bright spots. Most of the new music I adored came though from little label Sonic Cathedral, who released Andy Bell’s solo output and this, an absolute dazzler from bdrmm.

This release presses all my button, with its beautiful, dream like quality, superbly recorded, sounding like it took place in a proper room rather than a laptop. Every track is a work of genius, and I have listened to it multiple times since it’s release. Ok, so it does sound like it could have come from anytime since 1988, but so what. This is the sort of music I am passionate about, and I’m so grateful there are younger bands out there taking inspiration from Ride, Slowdive and others, putting their own stamp on the sound.

Here we are, 50 years old. I can’t see my passion for music diminishing. I’m always looking for something new, even if its from an established band or some up and coming outfit. Some people drift away from music, but I can’t see that happening in my life time. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Generations will come and go
But there’s one thing for sure
Music is our life’s foundation
And shall succeed all the nations to come

Cause the music plays, forever…

2 thoughts on “2020 – bdrmm – Bedroom

  1. Thank you for writing about 25th of May
    I was the girlfriend of Swindelli for 15 years.
    I did a lot of promo work for them. I got them the double page spread in NME. Can’t find it now. Before internet digital days.
    Then Manbreak. .
    I’ve got photos and a lot of things stashed away.
    Damn shame both bands were lost. Swindelli was the star. The driving force and talent.
    Thanks again
    P. Amos


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